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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my own false lashes?

A: Absolutely, please note there is a $5 charge to apply them. I carry a whole range of different lash styles, but if you have one you love, bring it.


Q: Should I bring my own makeup? 

A: It isn't necessary, but if you are very particular about your products, bring them along and I will see what I can do. Similarly, if you have a signature lip color I'd love to incorporate it. If the above statement doesn't refer to you, please note my makeup kit is fully equip to take care of all of your makeup needs, you do not need to bring anything to the appointment.


Q: Is there a minimum price for a bridal package? 

A: Yes, I do require at least $300 worth of services. This is not including any travel fee or tip.   


Q: How far in advance should I book a bridal trial?

A: 3 months in advance is typically plenty. Try to maintain the same skin tone you will have on your Big Day. In other words, don't go tanning only for the Big Day. You want the trial to be as close to the real thing as possible.

Q: How can I pay you? Do you require payment in advance?

A: I take cash, cards, PayPal and Venmo. I don't require payment in advance unless there is a large wedding party with a small get-ready window of time.

Q: How much should I tip you?

A: While tips are never expected, they are always appreciated. Many people rely on the same tipping methods used in restaurants. 

Q: Do you have a deposit or hold fee?

A: Yes, I do require $100 to hold your wedding date. This hold fee is non-refundable but will go towards a service or travel fee.  

Q: What makeup brands do you use?

A: I use a variety of brands and focus on high quality and incredibly performing products. Everything that is in my professional makeup kit has withstood the test of time and proved to be long wearing and beautifully performing. If you have any allergies to makeup ingredients, please ask me about it.

Q: Where do you do makeup at? Do you travel?

A: I freelance out my space in Seattle near Green Lake. I also provide makeup services in Tacoma. If you are interested in meeting at a salon you can book at Dolce Salon and Spa. I also offer personal in-home makeup experiences. I will travel to you for an additional cost depending on your location. 

Q: How soon in advance should I book makeup services? 

A: The summer time in Washington is my busiest season. I would advise booking a year in advance if your Big Day falls between mid-June and early-September. 

Q: Do you offer partial makeup application?

A: I do not. A beautiful and cohesive makeup look requires all parts to be completed by a skilled and trained professional.

Q: How should I prepare for my makeup appointment?

A: Please come with a clean, makeup-free face. If you normally apply moisturizer that is perfectly fine. Please note if your event will include flash photography, skip the sunscreen.


Did you have a question not answered? Please contact me here or email 

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