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Makeup is powerful. We can see this is evident throughout time. There is a very good reason why during war, many ancient civilizations adorn their bodies by painting colors, stripes and symbols on themselves. Makeup, war paint or whatever you want to call it, helps boost feelings of bravery and fearlessness. Like these warriors, I hope to imbue that same determination and confidence into anyone and everyone I have the pleasure of working with.

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About the Artist

      Hello there, my name is Pearl.

I live in the South Puget Sound area of the absolutely stunning Evergreen State where it rains more than it shines. I am half Thai and half white and have been studying makeup for over 3 years.

      My journey to embracing all things beauty started not that long ago. I grew up a tomboy and didn't even start wearing makeup regularly until I was a senior in high school. My favorite subject as a child was Art and as you can expect, not much has changed! But now instead of drawing people with pencils and painting sunsets with pastels, I use makeup as my medium. With a background in art, I enjoy using color theory, shading and blending to achieve any look on anyone.

      Everyone is different. We all have different aspects of our features we adore and unfortunately those we want to ignore. My job as a makeup artist is to accentuate those parts which you love and diminish those you are not as fond of. Whether you want chiseled cheekbones, a sculpted nose or flawless skin, makeup in the hand of a skilled professional will make a world of difference!

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